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Review: A Peach for Big Jim

Lisa Belmont's voice drew me in from the very first lines of the story. The haunting voices of the slaves from the very beginning of the novel in this unique coming-of-age story merge with the main character’s own family’s haunting prejudices and Chloe Mason finds that some things are worth fighting for.

The dynamic old south historical elements, the rich setting, the author’s authentic voice and the striking visuals, make the reader feel as if they are experiencing life deep in the heart of South Carolina, right along with Chloe Mason.

The hostile environment that surrounds this thirteen-year-old girl is evident and true. This story isn’t about dwelling on the suffering of “some of the slaves” in the Old South, but instead shows that things may not always be what they seem, and that goodness can be found even in the midst of hardships. And that making the right choices and standing up for what you believe in really can make a difference.

The characters of “A Peach for Big Jim” were well-rounded and each distinct in their own way. Some you will love, some you will not. I enjoyed the sweet, innocent friendship that emerged between Chloe and Jim and how she would let nothing stop her from helping him.

There was plenty of tension that kept the story moving along at a steady pace, but making it hard to put down. Chloe's determination to do the right thing even at the risk of losing her father's love is admirable and portrayed well.

This book tugged at my heartstrings and it is not one I will soon forget.

5 Stars


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