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A Short Story

In the midst of losing my father-in-law just a little over a week ago, I find as I am grieving for a man who has been a huge part of my life for 25 years, it uncovers some of the raw pain of losing my mama.

Especially with Mother's Day drawing closer and closer every day. But grief only exists because of great love. I am so thankful for sweet memories.

The other day, I saw a sign as we were traveling and it brought back a funny memory of a day me, my husband, and my mama were heading to my Uncle Dwight's house for a family get together.

My mama was wonderful at growing vegetables & flowers & cooking, but she was not the person you asked for directions.

We were planning to drive to my uncle's house one Sunday afternoon for a cookout, of which we were bringing some of the food, and my mama believed she had found a better route for us to get to his house in Farmville, NC.

Before I tell you this short story, keep in mind that I am usually very good with directions, and as a matter of fact I lived in the small town of Farmville for about a year. BUT, Every. Single. Time... we drove to my uncle's house, we got lost. So often in fact that the wrong roads became familiar.

So, the last time we made the trip, my mama just knew she had found the "best" route for getting there. So, we allowed her to lead us, even though we had a strong feeling we would not be able to get to Farmville the way she had suggested.

But we did it anyway. Because she was determined.

And then we came to a road sign...Chiquapin Road. The exact name of a road that we needed to take in Farmville. I looked at my mama and said, "Oh, my gosh, Mama, you were right."

And she smiled real big.

But we weren't in Farmville. We were, in fact, about an hour away from my uncle's house.

What are the odds that there was a road name, so unique, on this same route that we took? The wrong route, of course. lol.

We laughed about that trip to Farmville for years.

It just so happens that my Uncle Dwight's birthday would have been today. We lost him two years before my mama died. So, I thought today would be the perfect day to share this memory.

Happy Birthday in Heaven, Uncle Dwight!!

Give my mama a big hug for me, Papa

We love and miss you all so much!!

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