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What You Need to Know Before Getting Started with Amazon Marketing

Today I have invited Ilan from Taktical Digital in NYC to join me as a guest blogger. Hope you enjoy!!

What You Need to Know Before Getting Started with Amazon Marketing

As of 2016, Amazon boasts 310 million active customers. That means it’s a valuable platform for sellers trying to reach as many people as possible.

That said, to fully take advantage of all the benefits Amazon offers, it’s important to keep certain marketing tips in mind. Amazon Marketing Services allow sellers to reach customers with targeted ads.

These pay-per-click ads, for which sellers use bids to set the cost, show up in customer search results when their inquiries correspond with certain keywords. You can choose the keywords yourself or allow Amazon to automatically include your ad in relevant search results. It’s somewhat similar to how advertising on Facebook works in the sense that the platform helps find audiences for your content.

The following points will help you leverage this tool to increase sales without spending more than you have to.

Getting Started

Amazon walks you through the process of creating an advertising account. Simply follow the steps to begin. Once you’ve started your account, there are three major steps you must take to begin advertising.

The first is to create a campaign. This consists of multiple ads. Next, set up ad groups. These subsets within a campaign may be used to, for example, sell multiple different products from the same shop. The final step is to create unique ads and keywords for specific products.

You’ll likely want to A/B test different keywords as you experiment with this tool. The right strategy for one seller might not be the right approach for you. As you monitor your campaigns, you’ll get a better sense of changes you can make to improve their performance in the future.

Essential Points

Amazon advertising isn’t a magic bullet. You still need to remember certain key points to use it effectively. They include the following:

  • Market Size Determines Cost-Per-Click: If you’re selling an item in a popular market with a lot of competition, you’ll need to consider that when choosing a bid price for your ads. Alternatively, advertising to niche markets can be much more affordable.

  • Advertising Doesn’t Improve Products: A strong advertising campaign won’t automatically transform a failing product. If customers simply aren’t interested in it, or if user reviews tend to be negative, marketing the product won’t change that.

  • You Need a Strong Listing: An ad doesn’t do you much good if customers aren’t enticed to buy a product once they click on it. That’s why you also need to focus on optimizing your listing. This boosts the overall return on investment of your campaigns.

As always, monitor your campaigns and make adjustments when necessary. Amazon offers the chance to boost your product’s sales in a major way. With an effective advertising strategy, you’ll be even more likely to succeed.

Thanks for joining us today and we hope these tips will be helpful in all your marketing aspirations.


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