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A Woman is No Man

Etaf Rum takes you on a journey into the intimate lives of her characters in her debut novel "A Woman is No Man". In the beginning of the story, Isra has hope in the idea of having the love of a young man, Adam, who has agreed to marry her. Then there's also the essence of hope of having more choices, and more freedom, but also fear as the young couple will be living America. The reader alike will share in this hope and expectancy and the unknown for Isra and Adam and all they have to look forward to. The story quickly takes a turn when you get better aquainted with Adam's mother, Isra's mother-in-law, and her expectations and demeanor; and unfortunately it's not any better than Isra's own mother. Instead of a bond you would hope to find between the two, Fareeda only adds to the turmoil of Isra's life, especially after her first baby is born, when it's a daughter and not a son. I enjoyed seeing the story from both Isra's and her daughter, Deya's, perspectives and even Fareeda's point of view at times. The reality of Isra's situation kept me depressed for most of the book and I usually like to read more uplifting stories where there's a happy ending. But I cannot deny that I'm thankful the author has brought this, very true to many, culture to life so that we can experience the hardships, pain, and heartbreak of these women who feel they have no other choice. The author has done an outstanding job of bringing her characters to life and giving them each an individual voice. A Woman Is No Man is Etaf Rum's debut novel and an astounding one at that and it is a story I will not soon forget.